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Our Center offers a wide range of services
  • Herbal Consultations 
  • Individual Formulations 
  • Nutritional Education 
  • Dietary Education

Services & Fees
Practitioners of Changewater Wellness Center
acknowledge that herbal medicine has been the medicine of the people for many centuries. In all parts of this world, plant medicine has been used by mothers, grandmothers, doctors and healers to improve the health of their families and community. 
We wish to educate our clients and empower their desire to reclaim vitality and health. We know that some may not be able to afford a private consultation to access the level of knowledge and care that we offer. Herbal medicine should be affordable and because we are a teaching clinic we are able to offer you a service at a level you are able to afford. We ask that you reimburse the clinic to the best of your ability and at a level that reflects the value of the service we are providing. This reimbursement keeps our clinic, you and your community healthier.
Changewater Wellness Center is a Herbal Clinic and Wellness Center where you can work one on one with your Herbalist and get the Clinical Experience of more than one expert. 
Fee Guidelines
Initial sessions are scheduled for 60-90 minutes. In this time, together we will design your healing plan. Your success depends on your participation during this consultation and the time before your follow up appointments. 
Follow up appointments are generally scheduled for 30-60 minutes in order to reaffirm your program and make adjustments as necessary so you may achieve optimal wellness. 
You may purchase custom formulations according to your herbalist’s recommendations from our apothecary or you may purchase herbs elsewhere.
Because we are a teaching clinic, you will be asked when you make your appointment if you would allow clinical student(s) to observe your consultation. Thank you in advance for helping us to further the practice of herbalism through our students.

Fee Guideilines    First Visit      Followup      Herbal Extracts          Herbal Teas
                              90 Minutes    30-60 Min   
Full Retail

Cover Our Costs

Partly Help Our Costs


Special Consideration*
  $120           $80                $14/ounce          $3/ounce
 $90-$115    $45-$59          $ 7/ounce           $3/ounce 
 $50-$89      $25-$44         $4/ounce            $2/ounce
  $30-$49     $15-$24         $3/ounce           $1.50/ounce
Please Ask 
Before Your     $5-$15           $2/ounce           $1/ounce
* If you feel that your circumstances truly prevent you from meeting any of our “Fee Guidelines” please tell us when you schedule your appointment.