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The Changewater Wellness Center,  located near Washington, NJ in Changewater, is a sliding scale clinic which provides affordable education about herbal, nutritional, complementary and integrative therapies to the community. 

This is a teaching clinic which also provides the opportunity for clinical practice to graduates of a qualified herbal school. Changewater Wellness Center (CWC) is an approved educational provider for the American Herbalist Guild, and offers clinical mentorship hours for those qualified who are pursuing a Registered Herbalist (RH) designation within the American Herbalists Guild or others who want to advance clinical skills for their private practice. This clinic is lead by (RH) practitioners.

To advanced students of herbal training, the clinic offers the opportunity of additional training in a clinical setting. This training includes the refinement of: client interactions, medical history intake, diagnostic skills. Mentorship and feedback will be part of your clinic experience. These mentorship hours along with your client interaction may be applied toward your (RH) application requirement. In addition, you will exercise your skills in: formulation, medicine making, client assessment, interpersonal communication, good herbal pharmacy practice, and general practitioner skills. All of the above will better enable you to set up your own practice. At the Center, you will work with experienced practitioners as they interact with clients, and have the opportunity to be in the primary chair working directly with a client. In this teaching environment, your client intakes may be observed by other interns and practitioners, as well as a professional herbalist RH(AHG).  
Clinical Training for Students of Herbal Medicine

Becoming an Intern at the Changewater Wellness Center 
Currently there are limited open spaces for qualified student/practitioners to train at the Changewater Wellness Center. For additional information about available openings, cost, schedule and to make application use the "Contact Us" link. After receipt of your application, your education background, experience levels and skill levels will be assessed. Qualified applicants will be given schedule options. Qualified applicants will need to schedule their attendance before participating. 
This process is required to maintain the level of expertise provided by the clinic to their clients. 

Contact Us
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Clinical Training

Appointment; A qualified applicant and appointment is necessary to participate

When; We meet on the 1st Monday of each month for 4 – 5 hours. 

Fees: $45 per clinic session 
Additional training is offered in formulation, medicine making, setting up a practice, medical history intake, diagnostics and general practitioner skills.