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Changewater Wellness Center is an approved educational provider for the American Herbalist Guild. Clinical hours can be used toward professional membership in the AHG.

At the clinic, you receive clinical experience and mentorship to sharpen your skills and achieve valuable clinical hours on your way to being a practitioner. 
Observe experienced practitioners, their intake skills, diagnostics, assessments, formulations and communication techniques while working with a client. The client intake will be led by an experienced herbal practitioner and observed by other practitioners and students. 
A lengthy discussion to review the cases begins after the client appointments are completed. The team will discuss the client’s concerns in depth. Each person has an opportunity to share their insights, ask questions and hear the diversity of opinion as the protocol is designed and refined. This enables all team members to broaden their approach to complex client health challenges.

Clinical Training for Students of Herbal Medicine

Clinic Practitioners
There is opportunity for qualified practitioners to participate in the Changewater Wellness Center Clinic. The group of current primary practitioners will review the clinical skills of interested applicants. Through consensus they will decide the applicant’s qualifications. This process is required to maintain the level of expertise provided by the clinic. Please send your information to the clinic for review.

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Clinical Training

Appointment; An appointment is necessary to participate

When; We meet on the 1st Monday of each month for 4 – 5 hours, starting at 5 PM.

Fees: $45 per clinic session 
Additional training offered in formulation, medicine making, setting up a practice, medical history intake, diagnostics, general practitioner skills.