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Our Nutritional Allies
At Changewater Wellness Center we are herbalists at heart. We have a passion and affinity for the Nature of herbs. They have been used for many millennia as the people’s medicine, safe yet profoundly persuasive. But herbs are not the subject of this article, not specifically. Some herbs, like the foods that we eat, nourish our cells so those cells are able to express themselves efficiently. A vital cell working with millions of other vital cells means better health. If it is a liver cell it may be specialized to perform 1 of 500 different liver functions. Whether its function is one of glucose storage, red blood cell health, digestion, detoxification, immune defense or other, its function depends on energy, energy from nutrients that ultimately we need to provide through our foods.

Experienced practitioners know food is the first best medicine. What is on your plate several times per day will over your lifetime determine your level of health. You like a tree, need a healthy soil to bear good fruit. Now if you have not had optimal eating habits up to this time, and few have, you may have developed deficiencies. Now this is not a deficiency of cholesterol medication, or blood pressure medication, or aspirin or anti-acid ...you get it... but a nutrient deficiency. Food and herbs provide us with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, fats, starches, sugars, fibers and antioxidants. This is what helps those liver cells and all others operate efficiently! A diet deficient in those nutrients leaves us with cells that can’t function optimally. To correct those deficiencies often requires a few supplements.

The idea of taking nutritional supplements in capsules, tablets and liquids is relatively new. While it was understood early on that “diseases” like scurvy and rickets could be prevented or corrected by certain foods it was not called a “vitamin deficiency”. Individual nutrients were not discovered until the early 20th century. It is easy to argue that nutrients are best obtained from our foods, but when a person becomes deficient in let's say, the mineral magnesium (Mg) it is very difficult to restore those magnesium levels without larger than dietary doses of supplemental Mg. 
Close to 75% of our Western population are deficient in Mg. Insulin resistance which takes years to progress creates numerous deficiencies and Mg is one of them. Magnesium, a macro mineral, is used in your body for ATP (cell energy) production. In this regard it relates to cardiovascular health, muscle spasms, bone health, migraines, PMS and diabetes.

More to come later.....

David N. Harder RH (AHG)

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